Alex (gryffinwhore) wrote in alias_contheme,

Week 6 winners & Banners!!!

Damn this was one close week!!!! Thanks to everyone fro all their amazing graphics which made this such a close call.

For Endgame: likegunfire

For Free Agent: gryffinwhore

For The Telling: disorderedmind

Congrats to all the winners!!!! Sorry that the banners aren't all that amazing, I kind of threw them togther. If you really hate yours, let me know and I'll make a proper one. ♥

Week 7 theme to come..... ummm disorderedmind, would you be interested in picking the next theme/song?? If so please comment with your choice so that the next challenge can begin. If not, also let me know ASAP so that I can pick someone else. ♥
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