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Welcome to the ATC!

This is the community where you can let your creativity shine! Each week you will be given a theme. What you choose to do with it is your own decision!

You can make: Icons, Wallpapers, Friend's only banners, random graphics, WHATEVER you want!

Submissions will be Monday-Fridays, and voting will be Saturdays and Sundays.

You can enter your graphic into one of the following catagories:

Endgame ~ Best Overall Graphic
The Coup ~ Freshest Interpretation of Theme
The Telling ~ Graphic with Best Connection to Theme
Free Agent ~ Graphic with Most Creative Design

(There IS a difference between Free Agent and The Coup.)
Please do not put your catagory in the text of the LJ cut. I want to be able to see it after I click on the LJ Cut link.

Current Theme: HIATUS .

Submissions NOT accepted.

Deadline: N/A</b>
Catagory currently closed: (You may not submit graphics into this catagory.)

Current Layout: V1 : Green Envy


001. You may enter one graphic per challenge. You may modify your entry post to a new graphic if you choose, before the due date.

002. You can make ANY form of graphic you choose, as long as it is related to:
The given theme (in any way)

003. You may not vote for your own graphics during the voting period.

004. If you are voting during the voting round, you must vote in EVERY catagory.

005. If you are using someone elses brushes or bases, give credit. If you cannot, for whatever reason, then acknowledge that it is not your own and allow the owner to tell you that they made it.

006. Any song lyrics should be credited as well. If for nothing else, people may be inspired to listen to that music. ^_^

007. If your graphic is large, please put it behind and LJ Cut.

008. Icon Sets: You may post a set of multiple icons as your entry. However, the following conditions apply:
Limit of 4 icons in the set
All the icons must be posted together as one graphic. You can do this by posting the 100x100 icons in a 200x200 box, or 100x400, or however you want
All of the icons must be in the same catagory
Icon Set counts as ONE ENTRY. You CANNOT split them 2 and 2, or 1 and 3, or whatever.

009. You may change your submission at any time before voting. HOWEVER, in order to do so, you must edit your previous post to have the new entry and not the old one, and you must post a new entry simply stating that you have changed your submission, and providing a link to the entry with the submission. I will NOT go image hunting.

010. Each week one of the catagories will be closed. You may not submit a graphic in this catagory. It will be automatically disqualified.

011. Have fun. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be banned IMMEDIATELY.

Example Entry:


Moderated by superslayer18 aliasydney and gryffinwhore

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